"Too Fast", Pedestal Magazine, Winter 2021.

"Magritte's The Menaced Assassin, After Hours", The Massachusetts Review, Summer 2021.

Two poems, JuxtaProse, Summer 2020.
"Low Water", "Two children are threatened by a nightingale"

"Mortar and air", Boulevard, Spring 2020.
Semifinalist in the Emerging Writers Poetry Contest; nominated for Best New Poets 2021.

"An Affair in Tarot", VOLT, 2017.

Two poems, Boulevard, Fall 2016.
"Some little dry bodies", "Rats, River"
"Some little dry bodies" was nominated for Best New Poets.

Four poems, Web Conjunctions, Feb. 2016.
"I was blind as a stone", "The Red Queens", "In the Absence of a Headache", "Rhymes for the Modern Nursery"
Two of these poems were reprinted in Vol. 7 of the Winter Anthology, 2017.

Two poems, Tin House, Summer 2015.
"Primary", "A Skin"

Four poems, The American Reader, Oct. 2013.
"Sedna Married", "For Konrad Lorenz", "Paintings at Lascaux", "On the Turning of a School of Fish"

Selected Awards

Francis LeMoyne Page Award for distinctive achievement in creative writing. For senior collection, The Menaced Assassin, Princeton University, 2010.

First prize, The Atlantic Monthly student poetry contest. For Misunderstanding, 2009.